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Salient Features  
  • Rapid mixer granulator is a versatile machine used for dry mixing and wet granulation of raw material / ingredients in the same container.
  • It is suitable for fast, efficient and uniform mixing or granulation of raw material. The impeller sets the raw material mixture in motion ensuring.
  • Uniform mixing of dry material followed by uniform wetting of granules; the mix is finally discharged through a pneumatically operated outlet.
  • Rapid mixer granulator provides excellent mixing at lower operating cost along with higher productivity. These are widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Better mixing and closed control of granule size leads to faster tabletting speeds with improved quality and least rejections.
  • It provides Short batch time and reduces cleaning time
  • Homogeneous binder distribution
  • Maximize CIP effectiveness
  • All internal contact parts are polished to the mirror finish and external are matt finished.
  • All moving parts of the machine are totally enclosed to eliminate accident. 
  • The machine can not be started until the mixer cover is properly closed.  
  • All contact parts are made from SS304.or SS316 grade as per requirement of customer. 
  • Unit is mounted on M.S. structural stand which is covered with S.S. sheet and Aluminium checkered plate on top.
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