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Oscillating Granulator Machine (Horizontal)

It is useful for Dry Wet Pharmaceutical Material Granulation.

In tablet making practice the granulation process plays an important part because the quality of the final tablets will be determined by the virtue of the granules used for its compression.
Oscillating Granulator Machine is extensively used wherever tablets or pellets are produced. Oscillating Granulator Machine is used for both wet and dry granulation process. Qualities of granules are better compared to other processing machineries like Multi Mill, Comminuting Mill etc.
In our Oscillating Granulator Machine all contact parts are in Stainless Steel and Mirror Polish. A unique Oscillatory rotor action ensures High output and efficient granulation.
Technical Specifications  
Model OGR
Hopper capacity 33 Liters
Screen area 388 mm (W) x 762 mm (L)
Stirrer size 138 mm x 368 mm Length
Oscillation 110 per Minute.
Output * 30 to 200 Kgs. /Hr.
Charging height 1135 + 5 mm
Discharging height 655 + 5 mm
Power supply 1 HP / 1440 RPM / 3 Ph.
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