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Specifications of the Capsule Filling Machines  
Output 5000 to 6000 capsules per hour. (Can be more with the help of Automatic Loading Machine)
Capsule Combinations Size 00/0, Size 0/1/2, Size 3/4 and Size 5.
Machine Dimensions 395 X 240 X 500 MM
Machine Weight 45 KG
Shipping Weight 70 KG
Specifications of the Capsule Loading Machines  
Output 27000 Capsules per hour.
Loading Speed One 300 Holes Tray in 28 Seconds
Motor 0.25 HP (0.19KW) - 1440 RPM
Electrical Supply 110V Single Phase / 220V 3 Phase / 60 HZ
220V Single Phase / 415V 3 Phase / 50 HZ
Dimensions L-640MM X W-450MM X H 965MM
Net Weight 105 KGS Approx
Gross Weight 175 KGS Approx
Tablet section machinery
Capsule section machinery
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Packaging machinery
Laboratory equipment
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Double cone blender
Ribbon blender
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